Whichever Way You Ride.

City light electric scooter on cobbled stone

Where we started

Living and working in Switzerland, we're granted the most generous gift mother nature has to offer, the breathtaking landscapes we grow used to seeing every day. We are faithful friends with the outdoors, the mountains we hike in, the lakes we sail on, and the wooden paths we cycle along since we were kids.

But the other side of the story is, we get stuck in traffic going to work, and we drive around pointlessly looking for free parking spaces like everyone else in this world. That's why we fell instantly in love when the first electric scooter came out in 2018. We found the concept of light-weight micromobility vehicles absolutely fascinating, and we're obsessed with it ever since. 

Our story

With the right electric scooter, we can drive carelessly into the wild and enjoy the heady rush of freedom when we want to. Or ride the city streets unobstructed on the way to our next appointment with plenty of time to spare. Either way, an easy-to-carry foldable e-scooter is clearly our next best friend on the go.

For this mission, we've searched and tested hundreds of adult electric scooters on the market and found what we called the "urban turbo" and "off road" electric scooters for all outdoor enthusiasts. With powerful motors and big strong wheels, these two vehicles are perfect for any wild terrains.

In the meantime, to help to solve the first and last-mile problems for commuters in the city, we've locked our eyes on the "city rider", "urban comfort" and "city light" e-scooters because of their stability and safety features. 

urban turbo on the wild terrain
City light electric scooter on the street

Our vision

But we didn't just stop there. Now we're deep into the process of developing and manufacturing our very own HIKERBOY electric scooters and electric bikes. They'll be smarter in nature with top of the notch performances.

Check out our products now or follow us @HikerboyScooter to stay tuned!

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Hikerboy team
Hikerboy team
Hikerboy team
Hikerboy team

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